Welcome to Dominion Valley Farm!

Established in 1998

Meat Delivery TUTORIAL

We are a small, family-run natural farm located in the hills of Southeastern Wisconsin.  In 2018, we entered our 20th year of farming...as first-generation farmers!  On our pastures you will find...


  • Cornish Cross and Bronze Ranger chickens

  • Broad-Breasted White and heritage turkeys

  • Heritage Tamworth and Large Black pigs

  • Galloway beef cattle


All of our animals are raised strictly on pasture, where they eat what they love--grass, clover, other rich greens, and bugs.  Our animals do not receive growth hormones or antibiotics, but they do get natural sunlight, clean bedding and fresh air every day.  This optimal living environment not only makes for the healthiest animals but the best tasting, most flavorful meats. 

Welcome to Dominion Valley Farm!

April 5, 2018

Wisconsin Foodie