Almond crusted pork loin roast
Zippy BBQ grilling (butterflied) chicken
Zippy BBQ chicken in the works
Shredded BBQ beef
Swiss ham sliders
Chicken noodle soup
Sweet and spicy pulled pork
Beef tenderloin sous vide
Irresistible oven-fried chicken
Beef sirloin kabobs
Lemon herb chicken
Minestrone soup
Thanksgiving dinner
Delectable stuffed butterfly chops
Egg brat muffin
Balsamic glazed Boston Butt roast
25-lb. pork box
Peppy chicken
Eggplant Parmesan
Game-Day Chili
Zippy BBQ chicken wings
Heavenly Chicken
Baked Ziti
Breakfast Tot Pie
Oh-So Creamy Turkey Soup
25-lb. beef box
Deli ham sandwich
French dip sandwich
Eggs $5/dozen
Honey garlic pork chops
Beautiful pasture-raised eggs
Chickens in the smoker
Sirloin steak
Garlic summer sausage and beef snack sticks
Spaghetti Pie
Peachy BBQ country ribs
Beef tips with mushrooms and onions
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken alfredo
Turkey macaroni spinach casserole
Herb roasted turkey breast
Rolled rump roast
Gift boxes available
Whiskey sliders
Chocolate chip cookies made with lard
White chicken chili


Delicious food

95% of the meals shown below were prepared in our own kitchen, tried and true!  Many of them are also on our recipes pages.