Dominion Valley Farm has retired!!!


Our note from January 18, 2020:


It is with much excitement (and a little on) to announce that Farmers Brandon and Tammera are least from farming!


We have had a wonderful 22 years, doing what we love to do, raising animals in a sustainable manner, and teaching our sons hard work and quality service.


The early years of our pasture-based farming business were challenging in many ways.  Thanks to your continued support of our family farm, the last 5 years have been the most profitable for us!  Our children have questioned why--when the farm is prospering--we have decided to retire now.  Our answer is…our sons are growing up, some moving away, each following their own dreams (which we are so thankful for!)…we now look forward to the flexibility this next chapter in our life holds.  Our Lord has been our guide and has challenged us, and blessed us, innumerably in our farming career.  Our work has been very good, and we feel our family goals are now achieved.


Although we are very excited to move into this next phase, our one sadness is that we will no longer have regular contact with so many of you—our regular weekly customers, our customers we see once a year at turkey time, our customers who have become dear friends, our customers whose children/grandchildren we have watched grow up.  Many of you have inspired and encouraged us more than you know!  We pray we have touched some of your lives in the same way you have touched ours. 


We are so thankful for your love and support over all of these years!!!



Brandon and Tammera

Welcome to Dominion Valley Farm!